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Japanese Cuisine in Old Montreal

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Monday-Friday : 11:30am - 11pm

Saturday-Sunday : 5pm - 11pm

Welcome to Kyo Bar Japonais
っしゃいませ” Irasshaimase

Sushi, Japanese grill & over 25 sakes!

Located in Old Montreal, underground the magnificent Hôtel Place d’Armes, Kyo takes us on a journey into a cool and relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the conviviality of Japanese culinary traditions.

Our team of exceptional chefs, masters of a culinary art as delicate as it is refined, has added their creative touch to offer you unbeatable classics and surprising house creations.

Come immerse yourself in the scents of Japanese cuisine, with our mouthwatering sushi and grilled izakaya.

Sushi, a gastronomic art

The art of sushi is a Japanese culinary discipline rooted in tradition, characterized by precision, balance, and the quality of ingredients. Chefs, or “itamae,” master meticulous techniques, including precise knife cutting, perfect rice preparation, and the meticulous selection of fresh, well-chosen ingredients. Innovation and respect for tradition come together to provide a unique culinary experience.

Kyo Bar Japonais is committed to respecting the traditions of Japanese culture to offer you a unique moment that blends culture and flavors.

Kyo does takeout!

Get your favourites in the comfort of your home.

Over 25 Japanese Sakes & Whiskeys

One of the most extensive lists of sakes in Quebec

We are delighted to present to you a wide selection of Japanese sakes and whiskies to enhance your gastronomic experience. Our sakes come in different styles, from dry to sweet, from classic to more expensive, and can be served chilled, at room temperature, or warm. As for our Japanese whiskey, it offers a diverse range of flavors, from gentle and delicate to rich and peaty.

Tasting time!

Sharing is caring, and so is tasting…

We are happy to offer you a tasting of Japanese beverages with your dinner. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you through our offerings, ensuring a delightful pairing to elevate your dining experience. 

Choose from: 

  • 4 sakes for $40 
  • 4 plum wines for $35 
  • 3 Japanese gins for $33 
  • 3 Japanese whiskeys for $32 


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