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You can book a table for up to 8 people directly online. For larger groups, please refer to the PRIVATE GROUPS section by clicking here.

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Discover the unique Kyo experience. With its refined Japanese decor and impeccably presented exotic dishes, Kyo is the perfect place for special events and to impress your friends. 

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Special Evening


Many consider sake (a drink of Japanese origin made from the fermentation of rice) to be the equivalent of Japanese wine. Although both can be enjoyed in good company, with a delicious meal, sake, served hot or cold, is still rather unknown. Sake, in the strict sense, is “rice beer”, meaning spring water in which rice has been steamed and fermented. Unlike beer, however, sake has no effervescence.

There are five styles of this Japanese “wine”:

  • Genshu is not diluted with water
  • Nama isn’t pasteurized
  • Nigori is not filtered or cloudy
  • Muroka is not carbon filtered
  • Sparkling sake is bubbly

Want to know more and discover this classic Japanese alcohol? Take advantage of our experts to recommend the best sake by the glass or by the bottle to share or opt for our sake tasting. Perfect to use for more festive evenings when you really want to experience the amazing Japanese culture. 


Sake tasting
Japanese Whisky



Japan is known for its sakes, which have been perfected there for centuries. But did you know that Japan also produces whiskeys, some of which are among the best in the world? Certain people claim that Japanese whiskeys have the same style as scotches, but experts agree that their identity has now acquired its own colors and style. Sherry, exotic fruits, caramel, vanilla, sometimes a hint of peat and smoke: these are some notes that we regularly find in these spirits. They sort of fall between scotch and bourbon. One thing is for sure,  they are known to be delicate, refined and complex.

Want to discover this Japanese specialty and challenge your favorite traditional whiskey? Take advantage of our experts to recommend the best whiskey for you or try out our whiskey tasting.


Japanese Whiskey



Sake not your style? If you were in Tokyo, you would immediately exclaim “Umeshu! “(Pronounced “Ouméchou “). This sweet plum wine, obtained from the fruits of an Asian tree, offers a unique bittersweet flavor with a refreshing aroma. Served dry, with an ice cube, diluted in sparkling water, soda or even a little green tea, umeshu is a rather light alcohol that is drunk in all circumstances: as an aperitif, as a digestif, etc.

Want to discover this Japanese specialty and accompany your meal with a little something special? Take advantage of our experts to recommend the best product for you or enjoy our plum wine tasting.


Plum Wine